Dogs Looking For Homes

Whippets on this page are waiting for their forever homes.

If you would like to apply to adopt a Scruples whippet, please fill in the online application form using the link on the righthand side of this page indicating which whippet you believe is the perfect match for you.  But, please, before you do, carefully consider the commitment a dog requires and such things as:

Are you able to offer a dog access to a securely fenced garden area at all times?
Is the fencing around this area at least 5ft high with no weak points or are you prepared to install secure fencing as required?
Can you offer a dog human companionship for most of the day? We recommend that no dog is left alone for more than approximately 4 hours a day on a regular basis.

We do not sell whippets but normally we do ask for a non-refundable donation of £160 when you adopt a Scruples dog. This is payable before collection of your Adopted Dog. No dog will be released until payment and a signed contract have been safely received by ourselves.

Please note that we do not home dogs outside of England, Scotland and Wales.

We have a large amount of applications and it helps us tremendously if you include as much information as possible about your circumstances and the life you can offer a Scruples whippet.

Thank you.

Eva – Applications Invited

imageEva (pronounced Ava), the lurcher, is looking for a new home. Eva is approximately 16-17 months old, 24″ to the shoulder and is a saluki/greyhound/whippet/collie cross.

She is a bouncy and active girl who needs a rural home with plenty of company and lots of exercise.

Eva is very affectionate and good with children and cats and other dogs (especially if the dogs can run and jump as well as she can!!)

Eva is currently being fostered in Devon.

Winnie – Applications Invited


Winnie the black whippet cross came into our care last week. She is 4 years old and this is what her foster carer has to say about her ……

“Basically she is adorable. Pretty much perfect. She is very well behaved, affectionate, cuddly, polite around food, polite on the lead, good recall, likes to play, happy to lay down, sleeps on a bed in the lounge, great with other dogs and loves children.Winnie2
She does eat her meals very fast but that may be due to the change of circumstances. And she is a bit anxious when I leave the room, again probably because of the change. I am sure this will improve when she is settled in her forever home. She is gorgeous, would keep her if I could!”

Winnie is being fostered in Exeter, Devon, and is not cat safe.

Wilf and Sky – Applications Invited

wilfHere are a lovely pair of whippets who are looking for a new forever home …. Wilf and Sky. Both these lovelies are three and a half years old, have been kept outside and are not yet fully house-trained, but their current foster carer is working on it!

They would like an experienced whippet home skytogether, if possible, or with another calm whippet as a friend. Both have been worked and therefore not cat safe.

They are currently in foster in Devon.

Poppy – Applications Invited

Poppy2This is pretty Poppy, a Dalmatian x whippet who will be 6 in July. She was born deaf but understands hand signals well.

Poppy exhibits Dalmatian traits (a bit crazy, full of energy, food obsessed and over the top affection) mixed with Whippet traits (hates the cold and rain, likes her creature comforts and a high prey drive).

Poppy will need a secure garden with high, 5ft+ fencing as she can jump high . She is good with children but can be boisterous so a home with children of 10+ would be preferred and no cats. She has quite bad separation anxiety. She can be left in the house for a a few hours if she’s given the right signs first but when you are in the house with her she has to be by your side constantly. She cannot be closed in another room without going crazy and so she will need to sleep in the bedroom with her new humans.Poppy

Poppy gets anxious and barks a lot when letting people in, which is being worked on, and she paces and whines in the car. She also needs work on walking on a lead as she pulls and, obviously, will need time to settle before working on her recall due to her deafness.

As you can see, Poppy has a number of things that her new owner would need to work on and experience of owning a deaf dog would be an advantage. BUT Poppy has proved to be a lovely, affectionate dog and she just needs some time and work on her anxiety issues, which seem to be the root of her problems.

Poppy is approx 21inches tts so is not big but she is incredibly strong for her size.

Sonny – Applications Invited

sonnyWe have been asked to help a lovely lady re-home Sonny, a black whippet cross with a white flash on his chest. She took him in a few months ago as unwanted in to her kennels but would love him to have his own special sofa.

Sonny is a very playful boy who loves people. He is a model kennel inmate and gets on with other dogs. A home without small children and small furries would be ideal as not tested with them.  He is approx 3 years old and neutered.

Sonny is currently in the Northampton area.

Alfie – Applications Invited

imageWe have a special boy to introduce to you ….. this is Alfie who is 4 years old and lives in the Wirral.

Alfie would like a new home within reasonable distance of his current home so that he can meet you before any decision to adopt is made. A home where Alfie can be Number One and live a life of whippet luxury is the ideal home for this gorgeous boy. He could live with imageanother whippet, preferably a bitch, but Alfie would be equally happy as an only dog with human servants who could be at his beck and call 24/7 and who would take him for strolls in the sunshine (he doesn’t like rain, but then what whippet does?!) Comfy sofas, beds and laps to rest his head on are also prerequisites for this very handsome lad.

Bryn – Applications Invited

imageThis is handsome Bryn. Bryn is 18 months old and he is being fostered in Bolton, Lancs.

Bryn has been neutered. He lives happily with a cat and other dogs but he can be overly exuberant when meeting strange dogs out walking and so at the moment he wears a muzzle in case of accidental clashes.

He is young and has a lot to learn but he is coming on well and improving every day

Bryn is a tall whippet, approximately 23″ to the shoulder.

Jet – Applications Invited

imageJet (black) is a cuddly, bouncy whollie pup – whippet x collie! Jet is just 7 months old now and needs a new home because of a change in his owner’s circumstances. Jet lives with 3 children, another whippet and a small terrier but he hasn’t met a cat yet. Jet who is currently living in Plymouth, Devon.

Hank and Larry – Applications Invited

Hank and Larry 2Meet Hank and Larry. Two gorgeous boys, both 19 months old and 18″ tall, who have always lived together.

Hank is the red brindle and Larry is the blue brindle.

They are lovely quiet and affectionate whippets. Both are good with other dogs, neutered, vaccinated and will be microchipped.

We would like a home where they could stay together or if they have to be split then homes where they will have another whippet for company since they are used to doggie companionship.
They are currently in foster in Northern Ireland

Beau – Applications Closed

imageHandsome Beau came into Scruples’ care on Good Friday …. he is a gorgeous nearly 3 year old blue boy who is around 20″ tts and is being fostered in Exeter, Devon.

Here is what his foster carer has to say about him ….

“Beau is absolutely gorgeous. A lovely little chap, with a nice character. He is very timid and a little shy, but once he trusts you, he loves lots of attention. He is perfectly house trained and knows his commands. He loves his food and is typically whippety with his bedding, imagenesting and hiding under layers of blankets! He is great on walks and really enjoys them. He has been good with the other dogs he has seen here, though a little shy. A quieter home without to much noise would be great, although saying that, he is good with children. His new owners would need to be patient and supportive whilst he settles in as he is shy but he will make a fantastic loving family member.”

Max – Applications Closed

maxFive month old Max, a whippet cross pup, is needing a new forever home please.

Max is a very people-orientated pup and gets on very well with other dogs too. He currently lives with an elderly rottweiler girl who is his best mate. max2

Max is an intelligent young lad who has already got “sit” and “drop” off to a fine art and is keen to learn more! He is currently living in West Derby, Liverpool and prospective adopters should be happy to visit and meet him before making a decision to adopt.

Seb and Molly – Applications Closed

SebA very special home is sought for Seb, an 18 month old pedigree whippet boy, and his companion, Molly the JRT, who is 3.5 years old.

Seb has lived with Molly all his life and they are devoted companions. Sadly, due to a relationship breakdown, these two friends are looking for a lovingmolly home where they can stay together. They are happy to live with children but have had no experience with cats so may not be cat safe.

These two poppets are being fostered in Devon and potential adopters will need to be able to travel to meet them prior to making a decision to adopt.

Stan – Applications Closed

imageThis is 8 month old Stan, who is whippet x greyhound.  He is good with children and is used to living with another dog. He is young and very excitable, with bundles of energy.

imageStan walks well on a lead but can get excited and bark at other dogs. He just wants love and attention to help him develop.

Stan wants a home where he can have plenty of fun and attention as he is an energetic pup.

Stan is 20″ tts and is vaccinated and flea/worm treated and currently lives in Co. Durham.

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