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Lisa and Gini are at it again! This year they are do 3 crazy challenges in 3 months, starting in May.

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In the last few weeks, Scruples have taken in some very desperate and challenging cases. First, beautiful Bailey who has under gone some expensive but necessary surgery to remove one of her front legs. She has been an angel throughout and is loved by everyone she meets.


And second, a poor little girl we have taken in to foster care from a local dog pound. We have named her Lottie and she is a sweetheart. She is skin and bones and will need a lot of love and care to get her back to full health.


You can help us get these dogs and our other fosters fit and well and into new loving homes by supporting us through donations. Every pound helps us help the dogs. Thank you.

The Scruples Team


Scruples are seeking volunteers to help coordinate foster homes, transport and home checks. This role includes making telephone calls to our established data base of volunteers. We are seeking help from as little as one day to several days per week, and training will be provided. If you have regular available spare time and you would love to help whippets in need please get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Please e-mail: scruplesteam@yahoo.co.uk Subject: ‘Foster Coordinators Post’ or Tel. 0845 625 6211.

 What We Do

Scruples Whippet Rescue rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes whippets in England, Scotland and Wales. You can adopt a whippet, volunteer to help or donate towards our whippet rescue work through this website.

Scruples aim is to be to be as informative as possible for potential as well as existing whippet owners while helping as many whippets as we can. Our website contains lots of useful information.


Reminder – All dogs by law must wear an ID Tag with details of the owner/carer. Please can all adopters ensure that their dogs have both the Scruples Tag and their own ID Tag on their collar when out. Please email us via the contacts page if you need a Scruples Tag. Thank you.


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